Young Human Body Transplant 13


"Young Human Body Transplant 13" MP3

Sound Collage: Talysman

Album: Needs More Wanger

Talysman offered to be the avante garde guy that the band teamed up with for one song on one album, then got pissed off at, so they bitch about him in all the interviews. When Casey B later put together a list of who was in the band and what they did, Talysman was listed as 'Avant-garde soundscape (track 8)'. So Talysman put together a track 8 to put on the album; the track is officially named "Young Human Body Transplant 13" or "YHBT 13".

A bunch of items were suggested for inclusion in this track, such as William Shatner, Russell Crowe, a penguin call, a Wilhelm, etc., and Talysman gamely included them all. He comments:

    as for the director's commentary, I think it would be 
    longer than track 8 itself. I could always get shattner 
    to do the commentary, because I think he's under some 
    kind of curse to ridicule himself. either that, or milos 
    milos gave him some powerful lsd. that would certainly 
    explain "the transformed man", which is where "ophelia 
    has been acting very strangely" comes from.