She's A Geek Freak


Lyrics: Doctroid, Major Zed

Arrangement: Major Zed

Additional vocals: Doctroid

Album: The Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket

Soon after the release of Needs More Wanger, Doctroid noticed no one yet had written a song for the title 'She's a Geek Freak' suggested by Casey B. He decided to do so.

Shortly thereafter he sent the lyrics to his old friend Major Zed who was so impressed by them he immediately wanted to do a complete rewrite. Doctroid collaborated in this, and then Major Zed made a recording.

Most of the vocals are synthesized, though Doctroid's and Major Zed's voices, heavily processed, are used in the intro/outro and bridge, respectively.

She's a Geek Freak

Revised lyrics by Doctroid and Major Zed, based on original lyrics by Doctroid

...Copy down and copy down and copy down and copy down...
Copy down and copy down and copy over in your room and
Read it damn it read it gotta know it get it grok[1] it gotta
Think about it think about it learn to do it soon
Well she knows he knows he knows it and she knows he thinks he's got it
So she wants to get him somewhere tell him she wants to see his software
She can't grep[2] a spool[3] in Unix[4] still she feels some real magnetics
She's a geek freak, maybe show him some hooter
She's a geek freak, by the supercomputer
She's a geek freak, and she needs a nerd to love tonight
With her freckled tomboy cheekbones and a dose of female hormones
She goes looking for the doughboy with his janky[5] shirt and corduroy
Hair a nightmare, bad complexion but she's 404[6] on finding him
She's a geek freak, tries to be an attractor[7]
She's a geek freak, at the breeder reactor
She's a geek freak, and she needs a nerd to love tonight
Left cosets[8] regular polytopes,[9] knot invariants[10] and Cauchy sequences[11]
Right cosets[8] regular polytopes, knot invariants and Cauchy sequences
Butterfly catastrophe,[12] Grassman bundle surgery[13]
Normal subgroups[8] regular polytopes, knot invariants and Cauchy sequences
So she tries the T.A.s[14] later says as far as commutators[8]
Go she doesn't see the point so could they talk about neutrinos[15]
Maybe slip one in her pocket - maybe give them both what they wanted
She's a geek freak, get a little romantic
She's a geek freak, with a quantum mechanic
She's a geek freak, and she needs a nerd to love tonight
Copy down and copy down and copy over in your room and
Read it damn it read it gotta know it get it grok it gotta
Think about it think about it learn it do it soon
Well she....


(1.) Grok - understand. From Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"

(2.) Grep - search command in Unix

(3.) Spool - temporary file serving as a queue, e.g., printer output

(4.) Unix - a real computer operating system

(5.) Janky - of inferior quality ('90s slang)

(6.) 404 - clueless. From web browser "404: Object Not Found" error message

(7.) Attractor - subset of a phase space approached asymptotically by a dynamical system.

(8.) Left coset, right coset, normal subgroup, commutator - left cosets are aG, right cosets are Ga, a subroup G is normal if aG=Ga, a commutator is an element of the form (a)(b)(a^-1)(b^-1). This is all jargon from mathematical group theory (abstract algebra) which is important in quantum physics, God only knows why.

(9.) Regular polytopes - N-dimensional generalization of regular polygons

(10.) Knot invariants - quantities defined on knots that are the same for equivalent forms of the knot. For example, crossing number is the minimum number of crossings in a diagram of the knot. Boy scouts could be physicists.

(11.) Cauchy sequence - a mapping from counting numbers to a metric space where for any epsilon>0 there is an N such that... oh, never mind.

(12.) Butterfly catastrophe - one of the basic surfaces in Rene Thom's classification theorem (catastrophe theory). Not related to the "butterfly effect" (a butterfly flaps its wings and causes a hurricane). Not really, anyway.

(13.) Grassman bundle surgery - the Grassman manifold is the set of linear subspaces of a vector space. A bundle is locally a product of a vector space and a manifold. Surgery is the topological operation of defining the global structure of connectivity of a bundle. Think Moebius strip. Glad you asked?

(14.) T.A. - teaching assistant, typically an underpaid, overworked graduate student

(15.) Neutrino - chargeless, massless subatomic particle traveling at the speed of light. No, wait, it has a little bit of mass and it goes almost at the speed of light. But it has no charge. They think. Better check back next month.

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