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The Robot Song

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Lyrics: jwgh

Album: Needs More Wanger Arrangement, version 1: Casey B Arrangement, version 2: Not R

Album: The Barflies Soundtrack Arrangement, version 3: Casey B, Performance: Charlie, Rebecca, Tony, and Mike

Shortly after Interrobang Cartel was formed in 2003, there was a general call for lyrics. ZIP happened to have some lyrics about robots lying around that he had written for another purpose, so he contributed them.

Casey B and Not R then recorded two very different interpretations of the lyrics (the 'Data version' and the 'Dalek version') and things were off and running.

Both recordings of The Robot Song appeared on Interrobang Cartel's first CD, Needs More Wanger.

The Robot Song

I used to work at the mall
Selling robots wall to wall
Ones that cleaned and entertained
A robot chef, a robot maid
Then one night on a dare
I made my robots self-aware
And it wasn't really planned,
But now the robots rule the land
And we're happier than we've ever been

There was fighting, sure, at first
When the bots conquered the Earth
All the people thought we're doomed
That by robots we'd be consumed
But we humans had no chance
Robots stunned us with a glance
And after the human's final stand
It was the robots ruled the land
Now we're happier than we've ever been
That's the last war that we've seen
By decree of robot queen
All the studies now do show
That at ruling, humans blow
Law's more carefully applied
With a logic-loving guide
Now with an impartial hand
It's the robots rule the land
Now we're happier than we've ever been

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