Right of Reply

In early 2005, Talysman decided to alter a "draw me a picture meme-game circulating amongst LiveJournal users into a "write me song lyrics" meme-game, because he likes the idea of writing lyrics to random song titles or topics. He posted the following offer/challenge:

"Comment here and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and write lyrics, in a style of my choosing. You have no say in what I write for you, or the quality thereof. Put this in your journal along with the lyrics written for you. "

He got eight replies, and set out to produce the lyrics. A couple of them seemed humorous and likely material for the Cartel, but he was not intending on using the more serious lyrics. Casey B set him straight and suggested the album would be called Right of Reply.

Reverse Archaeologist was similarly the result of a challenge. Zusty suggested in ARK that someone should write a song "about how James is a reverse archaeologist for uncovering a retroactive future mystery." This challenge actually preceded the LiveJournal challenge, but retroactively seems to fit in quite well with the other songs.

Bacon All Over was an answer to another challenge, this time by one of the regulars of alt.slack.

Other people have issued similar offer/challenges. More tracks may be added later.

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