Pretending I'm Somewhere Else


Lyrics: Talysman

Arrangement: Charlie

Album: Right of Reply


the heavy skies were shattered
as the gray rain hit the ground
and all around
my life is moist with missed
outside, emotions clamored
and the crowd was in control
they take their toll
but I can toss aside with pride
these indignities
yes, all of these


for I am far away
when life is gray
and I'm living in a world that few can know
somewhere else is where I am
and even though it seems a sham,
the only way that I can stay
is if I go
far away
when life is gray

my veiled delight is sheltered
far away from prying eyes
so I surmise
and none I'm sure will share
my affinities
my mind is blind with visions
and my soul burns with desires
that they inspire
my senses fade away
in their tapestries
of imagery


far away
somewhere else I long to be
far away
where my life won't bother me
so I pretend
and my sorrows seem to end
if I go
far away
when life is