The Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket

After the astounding critical acclaim the band received following Needs More Wanger, the artists got a bit cocky and decided to venture into strange territory, with more sound collages than the previous album and several very edgy, "out there" tracks, intermixed with blues and folk tracks that, normally, would seem mainstream, but which seemed bizarre in their context. This project eventually coalesced into The Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket. New talent also surfaced during this phase, with guitarists Manfire, Charlie, and M Otis Beard joining the band.

The album opens with the enormous group effort "The Sun! She Explode!", with vocals by the entire eastern seaboard. This moved into the rousing a capella folk song "The Ballad of the Eire Canal" and its NES-style reprise, then into the first of the sound collages, "Green Meat Sandwich". Also featured on the album were three versions of the tribute to the time-travel spammer, "Rewind", the rantish "Peroxide Piranha" and "Fuck the Bees", the bitter melancholy of "Planting Geraniums" and "Not Bitter Blues", the Puckettesque "Cal-Dal", a techno foray called "Eighth Rank", a synthpolka called "Not a Tuba Player", the elaborate avante garde experiments "She's a Geek Freak" and "Captain Marvel's Lament", and the simple guitar pieces "Hole in My Black Levis" and "Editors at War".

The band also released a promotional single with radio edits of two songs with swears in them: Swat the Bees / Peroxide Piranha (clean version). A cover of The Final Frontier was cut at the last moment because of legal complications, although the band did get to perform the song live on Walter Koenig's hep talk show, Koenig After Hours.

The title of the album came from the subject of this post from James 'Kibo' Parry.


  1. The Sun! She Explode!
  2. Ballad of the Eire Canal (a capella)
  3. Ballad of the Eire Canal (NES)
  4. Green Meat Sandwich
  5. Rewind (Simonesque)
    • Lyrics: Talysman / "Arrangement and Vocals: jwgh / Additional vocals: Kerri
  6. Peroxide Piranha (unclean version)
  7. Fuck The Bees
  8. Planting Geraniums
    • Lyrics: Doctroid / Arrangement: Casey B
  9. Not Bitter Blues
  10. I Wanna Get Your Cal-Dal
    • Lyrics, Arrangement: Manfire (baed on a dream about Gary Puckett)
  11. Eighth Rank
  12. I'm Not a Tuba Player, But I Play One On TV
    • Lyrics: swt and Doctroid / Arrangement: Doctroid / Additional vocals: jwgh
  13. Rewind (eltonian remix)
  14. She's A Geek Freak
  15. Captain Marvel's Lament
    • Lyrics: jwgh / Arrangement: Not R
  16. Hole in My Black Levis
  17. Editors at War
  18. Rewind (ROKK!)
    • Lyrics: Talysman / Arrangement and Vocals: jwgh / Guitar: Charlie

Booklet front cover art: Kerri's friend Robin. Booklet back cover art: TWillis. Inside photo: Doctroid. CD back cover art: Window. All songs and artwork copyright ©2003, 2004 by their various creators.