Free Your Cones


Lyrics: Karlo X / Dean Lenort

Arrangement: jwgh

Album: Needs More Wanger

Dean Lenort suggested that a song sketch Karlo X posted a while ago be fleshed out and made use of. ZIP DRIVE CLICK OF DETH then made a demo recording of it. Here's what Dean had to say about it:

;Karlo is the man you really need for this effort as he is Kibology's undisputed
king of rockenroll. I'm sure you'll agree when you look at the snippets of
Kibological lyrics that I've included below. The entire post can be found at:
Message-ID: 8F9FBB5Cktakki@
but I've helpfully included the part you'll need to get started on the lyrics.
; SINGER: So, I was sitting by the river...
SINGER: ...and there was this lonely orange cone...
SINGER: ...and I wrote these lyrics...
SINGER: [picks up acoustic and starts strumming out-of-tune chords]
SINGER: [singing] ...the cones, the cones, we set them free...
SINGER: [singing] ...let me feed from the durian of your heart...
;Of course they need to be fleshed out a bit, but as you can see there's some
excellent:seed material there. Why these words beg to be set to dueling