Editors at War

"Editors at War" MP3

Lyrics: Plorkwort Arrangement: jwgh Album: The Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket

Matt Mc Irvin and Beable van Polasm got into a discussion about the Macintosh text editor BBedit and emacs, leading Plorkwort to write the following ballad, which jwgh then recorded. Finally, Ben Wolfson suggested adding a brief, plinky guitar solo at the end, and jwgh made it so.

    The night was dark and storms were near, 
    And thunder shook the floor. 
    The turbid air was filled with fear, 
    And editors at war. 

    With one fell macro, a paragraph filled 
    And BBedit roared; 
    And in gnus a poster was killed 
    In a single keychord. 

    Throughout the night, the titans clashed 
    And only dawn would see 
    If BBEdit crashed, by emacs bashed 
    Or who would the victor be. 

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