Angsty Teen Seuss


Lyrics: James Vandenberg

Arrangement: Manfire

I look at you, you look at me. Look at you, look at me. Look at us. I hate all you, you hate all me. Hate at you, hate at me. Hate at us.


I am in pain, in pain I am. My soul is black, my soul is blue. I am in pain, in pain I am. If I were you, what would you do.

Are you sure now, now are you sure? Sure as hell, sure as hell, shores of hell. Can't you tell that you can't tell me? Now you tell, now you tell, never tell.

I have no soul, no soul to sell. Sold on eBay, highest bid, got the lot. Well I'll be fine. Fine, I'll be well. Do you care, do we care, I care not.

BRIDGE (or poker):

The cat in the hat came back and he was mad. The cat in the hat don't care if we'd been bad.

I wish I knew, know what I wish? Will they all, will they all, will they fall? Scream at the sun. Son scream at thee. Kill them all, kill them all, kill us all!