........... 320 World | Interröbang Cartel

320 World


Lyrics, Arrangement: Akaishi

Vocals: Not R

additional vocals by Kerri and jwgh

Album: Needs More Wanger

Chorus will be shouted by everyone within the venue in which it is played.

;; Fear, platter of the day
nineteen bucks but more tomorrow!
;; Hurry out and make a fuss
We love it all more share for us
Chase a car! Crash a truck!
People die, why give a fuck?
;; Death! Death!
Destruction! Death!
;; <Cut instruments, distorted & spoken (preferably by geraldo)> And now, Here's kittens! </d&d>
;; Here's a drug to make you live
Not tested yet, hope U got time
Sign up today, be a test case!
Might save your life, might kill you faster
Just hope we got exclusive rights
To show you what'll happen after...
;<drum, guitar fill-in>
;; Great new bug on the east coast
Death toll's rising, what's it matter?
Smile a little wider bitch!
You live in california anyway!
So here's the tall guy
on the scene! Gasmask, flak vest
He's protected. Man with a gun!
Get the tape! Splattered brains!
Bring it live! Film at 11!
;<musical interlude>
;<cut short>
;<crowd goes wild>