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Needs More Wanger

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Free Your Cones


Lyrics: Karlo X / Dean Lenort

Arrangement: jwgh

Album: Needs More Wanger

Dean Lenort suggested that a song sketch Karlo X posted a while ago be fleshed out and made use of. ZIP DRIVE CLICK OF DETH then made a demo recording of it. Here's what Dean had to say about it:

;Karlo is the man you really need for this effort as he is Kibology's undisputed
king of rockenroll. I'm sure you'll agree when you look at the snippets of

The Final Frontier


Lyrics: Casey B

Arrangement: Casey B

(Original Song: A. Courage)

This one's fairly self-explanatory.

Love is the final frontier, a brave and exciting idea; the feeling is indubitably true, though the logic's unclear.

I know love uncovers your soul, of your heart surrenders control; it turns friendships to duels, princes to fools, it can swallow you whole.

So how, in the face of it now, can I cope with my heartbeat in rhythm with yours?

Why, with my logical mind,



Lyrics: Eddie "Hi There" Lowther

Arrangement: Casey B

Album: Needs More Wanger

Eddie "Hi There" Lowther wrote these lyrics on April 17 2003, basing them in part on IRS and State of Maryland regulations concerning the distribution of liquor. Casey B then recorded them a week later. This recording was included on Interrobang Cartel's first CD, Needs More Wanger.

The George Hammond Conspiracy



Song Info

Lyrics, Arrangement: Casey B

Album: Needs More Wanger

On June 30th, 2002, scientific divinity theorist George Hammond proclaimed thusly:

"It took 4 years before Einstein's theory was recognized. I'm in my third year of publication (on the internet). That makes one year to go before I'm headline news in every newspaper in the world. "

320 World


Lyrics, Arrangement: Akaishi

Vocals: Not R

additional vocals by Kerri and jwgh

Album: Needs More Wanger

Chorus will be shouted by everyone within the venue in which it is played.

;; Fear, platter of the day
nineteen bucks but more tomorrow!
;; Hurry out and make a fuss
We love it all more share for us
Chase a car! Crash a truck!
People die, why give a fuck?
;; Death! Death!
Destruction! Death!

Chalice of Fire



Lyrics: Matt Mc Irvin

Arrangement: Casey B

Nose flute: Jeremy Impson

Album: Needs More Wanger

(comments from ZIP: "Chalice of Fire was the first of Matt Mc Irvin's lyrics to be set to music (by Casey B). Matt describes how this song came to be:

SUPER AMAZING JULY 2003 NEWS FLASH: A.r.k's own Casey B. recorded "Chalice of Fire"!

Young Human Body Transplant 13


"Young Human Body Transplant 13" MP3

Sound Collage: Talysman

Album: Needs More Wanger



Lyrics, Arrangement: Kerri

Album: Needs More Wanger

Kerri recorded a song called "Beep" and provides the following commentary:

I submit to you for inclusion in some Interröbang Cartel thingie, the following song. It is called, intuitively enough, "Beep".

It's a commentary on how ANNOYING life is with all the things we have beeping at us. The timer, the alarm clock, the computer, the phone, and EVERYTHING ELSE. I'm sure it will make sense, in a lyrical context.

Pigskin Loofah

(MP3: Rip Cut) (MP3: Buzz Cut)

Lyrics: Stacia

Arrangement: jwgh (Rip Cut), Not R (Buzz Cut)

Album: Needs More Wanger

Stacia wrote the lyrics in April 2003. jwgh then recorded a bluesy version (the Rip Cut) and Not R recorded a more punkish version (the Buzz Cut) in July of 2003.


Your shit it stinks
It's freezer cold
White collar bimbo
Corporate limbo

Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth

(MP3 Files)
Lyrics: Casey B - from a dream by Gokmop the Irrefrangible
  • version 1: Casey B
  • version 2, version 3: jwgh
  • Nose flute on version 3: Jeremy Impson
  • Album: Needs More Wanger
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