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Ham Sandwich Digestion

Lyrics: Talysman

Title: Paddy Smith / The BBC

Recorded as announced on LiveJournal need to get the mp3 not sure who did so.

Album: Interrobang Cartel Tribute Album

when you're in the mood for some food and take a break
to make yourself a simple lunch,
keep this in mind: when you find the speed to feed
your need for something to munch,
about digestion, there really is no question,
it's useful whenever you eat,
if it's bread, or if it's meat, or even squeat!
when you make haste for a taste of meat to heat
and eat, a ham sandwich is great,

The Sun! She Explode!

Young Human Body Transplant 13


"Young Human Body Transplant 13" MP3

Sound Collage: Talysman

Album: Needs More Wanger



Lyrics, Arrangement: Kerri

Album: Needs More Wanger

Kerri recorded a song called "Beep" and provides the following commentary:

I submit to you for inclusion in some Interröbang Cartel thingie, the following song. It is called, intuitively enough, "Beep".

It's a commentary on how ANNOYING life is with all the things we have beeping at us. The timer, the alarm clock, the computer, the phone, and EVERYTHING ELSE. I'm sure it will make sense, in a lyrical context.

Pigskin Loofah

(MP3: Rip Cut) (MP3: Buzz Cut)

Lyrics: Stacia

Arrangement: jwgh (Rip Cut), Not R (Buzz Cut)

Album: Needs More Wanger

Stacia wrote the lyrics in April 2003. jwgh then recorded a bluesy version (the Rip Cut) and Not R recorded a more punkish version (the Buzz Cut) in July of 2003.


Your shit it stinks
It's freezer cold
White collar bimbo
Corporate limbo

Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth

(MP3 Files)
Lyrics: Casey B - from a dream by Gokmop the Irrefrangible
  • version 1: Casey B
  • version 2, version 3: jwgh
  • Nose flute on version 3: Jeremy Impson
  • Album: Needs More Wanger

    The Robot Song

    MP3 Files:

    Lyrics: jwgh

    Album: Needs More Wanger Arrangement, version 1: Casey B Arrangement, version 2: Not R

    Album: The Barflies Soundtrack Arrangement, version 3: Casey B, Performance: Charlie, Rebecca, Tony, and Mike

    The price of Swedish glarno


    Lyrics: Tim Chmielewski

    Arrangement: Major Zed

    Album: Bad Coelacanth


    The price of Swedish glarno
    It goes up and down
    Sometimes it is worth more than a tractor
    Other times less than a bucket of slop
    No I wouldn't want to be a futures trader
    Who bets on the price of Swedish glarno
    It is not a reliable commodity
    On which to pin your future hopes and dreams
    The doesn't stop people doing it
    I see more every day
    The money is just too attractive

    Ignore the furlax


    Lyrics: Tim Chmielewski

    Arrangement: Talysman

    Album: Bad Coelacanth

    Quotes come from Wizard of Oz, Taxi Driver and Full Metal Jacket.


    Ignore the furlax!
    You talkin' to me?
    Ignore the furlax!
    What is your major malfunction numb nuts? Didn't your parents pay you enough attention as a child?
    Ignore the furlax!

    The furlax is not worth your attention
    Do not regard it in any light
    It is no concern of yours

    Go past inflatable wumbles



    Lyrics: Tim Chmielewski

    Arrangement: Charlie

    Album: Bad Coelacanth

    Oh, how I miss the Wumbles
    It was one of my favourite shows on TV
    And you can't go past the inflatable wumbles
    If you want to have a good time at a party


    You can't go past inflatable wumbles
    Really, I mean it! They won't let you!
    Goddamn it! It's so annoying!
    Get out of my freaking way!

    I was walking down the street
    When the inflatable wumbles started following me
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