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Not R

Not R began life in late 1981 or early 1982 in a not yet formed band at Rice University called Youth in Asia for Sick Puns, later renamed to Åäð Nøyς. He was transferred into online existence on IBM's internal computer conferences, emerged again in a band called Not You and its followon, Limp Richard, and finally erupted onto the UNSENET in 1995. He has been known to burst into unwonted profanity when presented with a broken violin. In addition to not playing the violin, he sings and plays keyboards and electric elephant trunk.

Matt Mc Irvin

Matt Mc Irvin has been one of the mainstays of alt.religion.kibology for quite some time; his capacity for explaining memes has inadvertently turned him into a meme himself, which is why he is mentioned in songs like Support the Lurkers.

He has also provided lyrics and vocal talents, as well as several suggestions, for a number of Interrobang Cartel songs.

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Gokmop the Irrefrangible

Stage name of John D. Salt. About his role in Interrobang Cartel, he writes:

;OK. My musical accomplishments are pretty much limited to the triangle, though.
;I think I would like my stage name to be Gokmop the Irrefrangible.
;I would like to be the one with the $10000-a-day chocklit habit, and a reputation for punching reporters on the nose in interviews when they ask bloody stupid questions, please.


 ZIP DRIVE CLICK OF DETH was the stage name chosen by Jacob Haller, who confusingly also is sometimes referred to as jwgh. The stage name was announced by a post in which he said:
: I'll play the concertina and my stage name will be ZIP DRIVE CLICK OF DETH! At the end of each show I will disassemble my concertina and feed it, piece by piece, to an iguana! Then I will stuff paperclips into my sinuses until they bleed! It will be great!

Major Zed

Major Zed has been traversing the spaces between ambient electronic and psychedelic electro-pop since Y2K. His vocal work has been compared to David Bowie, David Byrne, and Thomas Dolby; his instrumental work to Tricky, The Orb, Aphex Twin, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa (as in, "He's no Frank Zappa").


DOCTROID, or more fully Doctroid Doctroid Holmes, joined Interrobang Cartel soon after the release of the first album, Needs More Wanger. He brings a much-needed sense of relativistic invariance to the lineup. As lead melodeon player for Thornden Morris he has honed his musical skills right down to a nubbin, as a brief listen (as brief as possible) to his recordings will soon reveal.

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Casey B

CB, also known as Casey B, "lives" and "works" in Melbourne, Australalia. In Interrobang Cartel, he alternates between short frenzied bouts of recording and long, rich, complete silences. Unfortunately, he can't seem to combine the two, for he doesn't have the luck that John Cage had with silences - attempts to record them invariably end with him retreating to a sandbox and complaining that "it just didn't quite groove today". He's been a musician, and therefore unemployed, for some time now. He barracks for Collingwood and survives on chilli jaffles and lemon cordial.

Ben Allard

This guy is a true fan! He loves the band and never hesitates to heap helpful derision upon them, and he's pirated all their songs.


Charlie is the !?C resident studio guitarist. He never quite had the time for the touring.

He started with the band doing some session work in a couple of versions of "Rewind" and then branched out created his own songs Not Bitter Blues, and Kibo's Beard Wax. Emboldened by the lack of hate mail he went on to record a wide variety of songs, and then became obsessed with finishing Bad Coelacanth (still in progress).

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Album: The Last Days of the Crazy People's Supermarket

  • Rewind (electric guitar parts)

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