Truckstop Birthday


Lyrics: Kim

Arrangement: Charlie

Album: Aspartame Placebo

This was created as a tribute to a 40th birthday.


Sittin' in a truck stop.
Breathtaking display of sharp-edged, Precambrian cabbages on the window sill.
Life at a precipice point.
Things after today will be different than things were yesterday.
Shuddering circle of belching, wheeled, obelisks give the place a smoky, haunted druidical feel.
Thinking about 40 years.
The sound of choppers - 1965 the first American troops arrive in Vietnam.
The jungle greets them with scary aggressiveness.
Did that cabbage just move?
40 years old.
A quarter in the jukebox, listening to the relentless, ghost, Beatle's voices.
Bonanza reruns play on a ceiling mounted tv set, sound turned off.
40 years gone.
Born into a world where Malcom and King preach freedom.
A world where LA had yet to burn. Selma.
Leoniv in space.
Can he smell the smoke?
Does he hear the gunshot?
Birthday eggs in a diesel powered Stonehenge.
The coffee as Precambrian as the cabbage.
I drink it anyway.
40 years gone.
Bell bottoms, paisley prints, psychedelic colors and go-go boots - all unsafe at any speed.
By 75 we'd been to the moon, found only rocks and dust, decided it was time to focus on aerobics and disco.
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Space 1999 - ten years gone.
By 1985 a man could wear a pink shirt with white suit and shoes, and still be cool in the Miami heat.
Swatch, New Coke
20 years gone
By 95 computer voice announces "we've got mail."
Internet, Playstation
30 years gone.
Truck stop breakfast.
Runny eggs and hash browns.
40 years gone.
Precambrian friend perched on the windowsill.
Companion to a slightly misshapen gold foil ashtray.
A precipice point for you as well.
Things after today, will be different than yesterday.
Your life is changing with mine.
Sop up the last of the egg yoke, with slightly, soggy toast, tuck you under my arm, step out into the asphalt church of interstate transport.
A stolen cabbage - My birthday present to me.